Friday, July 26, 2013

Charity Quilt for the Fair

I saw this adorable quilt of Jeni's over at In Color Order and thought it would be a good pattern for this year's charity quilt for the fair.  I didn't really have a pattern but figured I'd just make some quarter square triangles and then intersperse them with solid strips to get this effect.  I picked a yellow and teal color scheme to be pretty gender neutral.  It worked out great, because I had a bunch of six inch white blocks left over from Linda's Quilt, so I used those for the QSTs.  I had some little QST template papers I bought at the Dallas quilt show several years ago and never tried, so I was excited to get to use them.  They were really easy to use and enabled me to sew while I chatted to Becky, but I don't think I piece enough to buy them in future.

Here's the finished quilt, it's 37" x 48" and I hope it makes some baby comfy and warm!

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