Monday, July 22, 2013

Minky Blankets for Alex and Russell

I recently found out that my long-time childhood friend Annalise is having a baby boy shortly after Becky has baby Alex, so I thought it was time for another round of minky blankets!  So soft and cuddly.

The top one, panda fabric backed with green Minky, is for Alex.  The bottom one (yellow minky) features a fun bear-alphabet-professions panel (e.g. a bear dressed up as a doctor next to the letter D) and is for Annalise's baby Russell.

I hope they enjoy!


  1. I love the yellow one. That bear fabric is perfect for a baby blanket, and the yellow looks so soft and cozy.

  2. We love ours. It is my go-to play blanket, and anna sleeos with hers now!