Monday, July 8, 2013

Grammy Afghan for Alex

When I heard Becky was having another baby I knew I wanted to make a Grammy afghan, so as soon as we found out it was to be a boy (can't wait to meet you Alex!) I got started.  Grammy afghans are so called because our Grammy made one for Becky and me when we were kids.  Sadly she's passed away now so the next generation won't get to have an afghan from her, but they'll have on from me!

Thery're basically just giant granny squares with blocky square colored section.  I loved making this one for Alex and hope he will snuggle in it and think of me and all his family and how very
much we love him.


  1. Very sweet and lovely too! Thanks for sharing your story.

    (FYI - I've moved platforms. If you happened to follow me on bloglovin, will you update your feeds to the new one Thanks! Have a good one!)

  2. It looks very cozy for welcoming Alex! Thanks for sharing!

  3. looks great! My grandma made a bunch of afghans when I was little. I never thought to try to make one! Maybe that will be a winter project of mine. :-)

  4. This afghan is so special to me, and i know it will be alex's favorite blanket for years. Thanks shannon, i couldn't have a better sister!