Thursday, May 20, 2021

I Like #213

 Welcome to another week of things to like.  I was excited to get to go to Anna's dance recital and piano recital this weekend.  She did great at both and it was super fun to get to see her and spend some time playing with both kids.  And of course the dogs had a blast.  Lots of running and playing and rumpusing.  All five do so well together, and Bentley mostly stays out of the way as the other four careen around the yard.

We also had lots of fun playing with the rats- they're so sweet.  But it's nearly impossible to take a picture of them while they're out playing, so here's one of them sniffing.  Super cute!!

I like knitting!  I finished kniting another pair of ankle socks this week.  I like these short socks for the warmer part of the year.  This pink yarn was leftover from another project (my Deco Drape shawl) and I had almost enough to finish the socks!  I love using up scraps.  I used the Jelly Roll sock pattern but just did a single cuff since I wasn't sure how much yarn I had. They knit up pretty quick! 

I like my quilts! I also finally got all the quilts hung up in my new office.  I have more wall space than my old office (since I lost all my windows) so I brought a bunch more quilts from home.  At least I have super fun bright colors!

I like my flowers!  It's been a very cool wet spring here so my garden is not growing nearly as well as I'd like.  Lot's of stuff hasn't come up and I'm afraid many of my bulbs may have rotted.  But some stuff is growing! I have a handful of blackberries peeking out.

And my annual pots are doing well.  I planted some salvia this year since I had such a hard time finding petunias at first, and it's lovely too.

And here's a Spooky for you.  He thinks he's going to get a bit of cookie. :)

I hope you're having a nice week where you are, click over to Lee Anna's for more things to like this week!


  1. spooky has grown up so fast! give him some cookie mama...your garden looks great but your office is like a display !!! I bet people want to come in it's so inviting.

  2. Hi Shannon, your office looks like a nice space and all the chic-er with that lovely wall art your quilts are providing. I enjoy garden updates and you say it was so wet things may have rotted? Only in Vancouver have I heard of that happening in Canada. Our bloom here is just starting with the lilac tree now looking lovely. Have a great weekend!

  3. Whiskery noses! I love those socks. Wow - what fantastic office walls! Pretty flowers. I am very familiar with expectant looks like Spookys!

  4. If we can't have windows, let's have quilts! Good thinking on your part! Your garden shots are so pretty - don't you just love Spring?

  5. What an incredible office! How fun to see your art as you sit and work! Spooks is looking handsome!

  6. Oh your office is fabulous. Hmmm windows? Quilts? While windows are nice, at work they can be distracting. Your garden is looking pretty good. Love your socks and Spooky is getting big.

  7. You did a great job hanging your quilts! They are pretty wonderful! Look at Spooky sitting so pretty. Did he get a bite of cookie?