Thursday, June 10, 2021

I Like #216

 Welcome to another week of things to like!

The best part of this week was a wonderful weekend with Anna and Becky.  We went swimming and water sliding, then Anna and I went to the OKC Philharmonic, and then we all three went down and did the big six story ropes course in the riversports district.  It was super fun and I'm continually amazed by Anna!

New to me artists this week include Benjamin Shine (via) who makes portraits out of tulle.  They remind me a little of the glorious work of Mary Pal who is well-known for her amazing cheesecloth portraits.

I was also amazed by the work of Paulus Architect (via) whose incredibly realistic portraits are all done with ballpoint pen.  How cool is that!

I also love my new laptop sticker.  My mom has been doing a lot of digital design and has started working on a redbubble store so you can get her designs printed on stuff like t-shirts and coffee mugs.  She sent me a picture of her quilt called "Best Beloved" on a cool sticker so I added it to my laptop!  The quilt is great, it features her silk screens of many of our beloved pups from over the decades.  If you're interested, you can find her redbubble store here.  Each design is shown on only one item in the main link, but just click the design you're interested in and you can see all the things it can be printed on.

Spooky got neutered on Tuesday, so far he's recovering well.  Keep your fingers crossed for him!!

I love my plants!  The flowers are growing slowly but this pumpkin plant is taking over the world.  Excitingly, it has several flowers on it, so I hope that means pumpkins later in the year.

I love Cotton the rat!  She is staying with me while Becky's family is on vacation.  She had a tumor removed last week so she has a funny bandage on but she's doing well and is such a sweetie.

I also love having less hair!  I got a whole bunch cut off this week and it's so much lighter now.  Much better for summer.

I hope you're all having a good week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more things to like!


  1. Love all the artwork you shared. The ink drawings, the tulle face, your mother's creations. Wow! Very inspirational for the week. Love your new 'do! I usually grow my hair out for summer for "ponytail season" then cut it all off for winter so it doesn't get tangled in my scarves & turtlenecks. Good luck with those pumpkins. They do take up a lot of space but so fun to watch grow!

  2. that's a wonderful style for your face!!! I like it. My hair grows at the rate the earth's plates are shifting.
    yea for spooky... a rite of passage getting the snip! Good boy, no lick!

  3. Oh your hair is so cute. Spooky must be a good boy, no cone of shame. Wow your pumpkins are getting huge. My stuff is growing ever so slowly it seems.

  4. Ooh, wow - you lopped off quite a bit. (Hah - Spooky's probably saying the same thing!) Spooky is a goof, and you look great. Cool art.

  5. Cute haircut! Spooky looks like he's dealing with his procedure pretty well, but I'll definitely keep him in mind. The work of those artists are amazing!