Thursday, April 8, 2021

I like #208

Welcome to another week of things to like!

The weather was great here last weekend which was fantastic because it was the weekend some friends came over to help me build a fence to keep Spooky out of my flower beds and garden.  It took us all day Saturday but we knocked it out.  For some parts it really did take three of us and I was so grateful for their help.

I think it turned out lovely!

Spooky still tries to get in the beds and dig (observe is soil covered nose) when I go in to water, but I shoo him out and at least he can't get in there unattended.

I was very excited to find and take a trip to the City of Norman Compost facility.  I'd never been there before, but they release compost every couple of months and you can go have as much as you want for free.  This was just the small pile for people who were shoveling it themselves, but I got as much as I could put in the back of my car, filling up small buckets and small house waste baskets and old dog food sacks.

Everything is planted now and I just hope it grows!

I blogged this week about a new embroidered quilt I recently finished for one of our Art Quilt Group's calls for entry entitled Heat.  You can see more pictures of it here and here.

I learned about this new-to-me artist this Josie Morway week who makes exquisite hyperrealistic paintings of birds.  Super cool.

I hope everyone has had some things to like this week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more goodness! 


  1. I’m so glad you discovered the free compost! Our community has that too! It’s a precious commodity here in the high plains desert! So you have to go early or you are out of luck! Spooky is a curious pup! Is his breed known for being diggers? I’m not sure?

  2. Oh I love your garden area. Spooky....the dirt on your nose gives away your guilt. Bobbin seems to love to run to the pig area and roll in the dirt, which means she gets a bath. Free compost! I am envious.

  3. The fence looks great! Oh - I am envious of all that compost! What a bad dirty nose. lol

  4. Love the raised garden beds and compost. I'm thinking my compost bin will be ready to give up some soil this summer...we can get composted soil at the local dump as well but I've not done so. I think it smells delicious to a dog!Your embroidered quilt is amazing...I thought of the word electric; don't know why. That artist is many delicate brush strokes for those feathers. Thanks for sharing.