Thursday, April 15, 2021

I Like #209

 Welcome to another week of things to like!

This was a good week- my parents came to visit me on Friday and stayed until Tuesday morning.  It was so so wonderful to just have them here, to see them and hang out.  I didn't take very many pictures, we were so busy just being together.

They had their dogs with them so we had six dogs in my small house, but everyone got along just great.  Of course spooky chewed up one of my dad's socks, but I think that was the only thing irredeemably destroyed.  We took them on some nice hikes around Lake Stanley Draper, and the weather was lovely.  Dad fixed my gate, and the internet in my studio.  Mom and I planned our upcoming two-person exhibition at the Tubac Arts Center in Arizona and worked on some designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Here is Spooky sitting on my parents' big Jordy dog, as well as their brown dog Swatch.

And here are Swatch and Bentley-  the sofa got very full and there was a sort of constant musical chairs of which dogs were on it.

These cute purple flowers are blooming in my lawn right now.  They're super cute- I think they're called blue-eyed grass.  Unfortunately they get mown down when I mow the yard, so I dug some up and planted them in some pots to try to preserve them.  I'm not sure they'll survive, but I thought it was worth a try.

My mom and I went to the OKC Museum of Art over the weekend too.  Neither of us had ever been there, even though they have a very large installation of glass work by Dale Chihuly, an artist both of us love.  It was really fantastic, there were hardly any people in the museum and they had a great movie before the exhibit all about his studio and how the works are made and conceived.  Really amazing.  It was pretty inspiring to see all the beautiful and luminous shapes and forms.

On Tuesday morning my parents went down to spend a couple of days with my sister and now they're headed home but it was so great to see them!

I hope everyone is having some things to like this week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more goodness!


  1. How wonderful to spend that time with your parents and all the dogs! I bet those pups had fun together. I love Chihuly's glass installations - so lucky for you to have that close by while your mom was there!

  2. The couch was a popular spot! That glass is wild!

  3. I love how the four of you and the six dogs all get along so well and enjoy so much of the same things too. Wonderful! How lucky to see that exhibition too. I think I showed the light fixtures Dale did for the fancy casino we went to for Tony's 80th bd...I was hoping to go back for my 70th but probably won't be able to. Sigh

  4. I’ve been to several Chihuly exhibits and never get tired of seeing them. What a treat for you and your mom.

  5. Yay for visiting parents, and all the puppy love in your house! Oh Dale love his glass. I went to an exhibit almost 30 years ago. What neat little flowers. Hopefully they thrive after being potted.