Thursday, April 22, 2021

I Like #210

Welcome to another list of things to like!

The big thing this week is that the annual SAQA conference for art quilters is going on.  It's virtual this year, and started last weekend.  It's run this week in the evenings and then wraps up this weekend.  The theme as been art quilters from Oceania and it's been truly outstanding.  So so much fabulous and fascinating art.  Next week I'll try to share some art from new-to-me artists I discovered at the conference.  One really unexpected fun thing has been the online conference forum community.  It's been super active with conference attendees doing lots of posting so there are threads on tons of different great topics.  I really love the work SAQA does and I'm excited to be a part of it.

Here's a non-fiber new to me artist from this week, Elyse Dodge, (via).  I absolutely adore all her crystalline mountain landscapes.  Mountains are my kind of landscape and the colors are my kind of colors.  really stunning work.

My lab is also moving this week so things are super chaotic at work, but here are a few more things to like!

Knitting while zooming!  I'm making progress on my hoodie shawl cardigan.

Harry Potter mask making!

Knit socks!  We had a cold snap here (no snow thankfully for my plants) and it was fun to get back out my wool socks.

And Spooky with his ball!

I hope everyone is having some things to like this week!  Click over to LeeAnna's for more goodness!


  1. Elyse Dodge’s art IS stunning! Thanks for sharing! I love how your warm socks match your she’s! They look comfy. The Harry Potter masks are interesting. I’m probably the only old lady in the world who hasn’t read Harry Potter! But I keep learning more about the books and the characters, doing crosswords!

  2. Oh, how I love the beautiful drape of hand knit clothing! Your hoodie shawl cardigan is looking so pretty!

  3. I am so jealous of your ability to knit, and your socks are fabulous. Love your masks, and Spooky is just too cute! Oh my Elyse Dodge's paintings are gorgeous. Reminds me of the piece I want to do from Violet Craft.

  4. omg those masks! love wool hand knitted socks, and that hoodie is cool. SAQA online might even be better!

  5. Cool masks! And the socks. Has Spooky been a good boy?

  6. Elyses art is definitely stunning. Lovely knitting you are doing too. Neat socks and I love your shoes. What are they?