Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2020 Other Crafty Goodness

I shared about my 2020 art quilts earlier in the week, and here I want to just year-in-review some of the non-art quilt things I worked on this year.  I like having these look-back posts, they provide a chance to review what I've accomplished and a way to refine my artistic goals going forward.

I had more knitting and crochet projects than usual, including some that didn't make this list because they're not actually finished (still need blocking and blogging).  I did a lot of knitting this year, and I feel like the increase in knitting is a direct response to COVID.  Partly because staying home gave more time for knitting, partly because I knit on basic stuff pretty much constantly during zoom meetings, and partly because knitting felt like a creative outlet when I didn't have much mental energy for designing art quilts.  I feel like I've learned a lot of new knitting skills this year too, and I look forward to more in future.  This was also the year I took back up embroidery in a bigger way.  Again it was something I did while home alone (more) and was something I could do on work zooms. 

 Cotton Candy Shawligan

Jelly Roll Socks

Uncia Shawl

Magic Shell Shawl

Colorwork Headband

Trish's Scarf

Embroidered Prayer Book Cover

Summer Reading and Stitching Club

Baby Quilt for Priya

Baby Quilt for Janet

Red White and Blue Quilt

Chi Rho Banner for Tamra 

New Laptop Bag

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