Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2021 Wrap-up

 2021 was a hard year in a lot of respects and that manifest clearly in my art quilting output.  I made the fewest number of quilts this year in many years, and the fewest number of blog posts.  While the number of quilts I make isn't a particularly important metric for me, I also spent more months not working on any art than in years past.

It's the first year in a while I haven't made a piece for my liturgical series, and between being ovewhelmed at work and other outside obligations and life chaos, I just didn't create as much.  

My goal for 2022 is not necessarily to make more, but to hopefully just spend more time working on things (like my art quilts) that are positives in my life, rather than running around constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and negative.  My goal for 2022, articulated by LeeAnna, but resonating so much with me I decided to adopt it, is to promote goodness.  I feel in need of an attitude adjustment, of reframing to not necessarily always see the bright side, but to work toward something good.  I'll try! 

Now on to a quick summary of 2021 creations:



The Armadillo and the Cow

AH 107: Range Grasses


Solar Flare

I also made three small art quilts for the SAQA auction, spotlight auction, and trunk show:

Bright forest

Andropogon Scoparius

Gourds #4

I didn't do as many small projects in 2021 either, no fancy bags or embroidery projects.  I did make one bag to hold knitting which featured a couple of smaller embroideries:

I did have a few knitting finishes, it felt like a year when I was able to knit even when I wasn't able to quilt.

Green socks

Pink socks (these are the ones Spooky ate)

Truffle Shawl

Ruffle socks (I love these- I'm going to have to make some more).

Knit hoodie

Here's to a good 2022!

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