Monday, January 10, 2022

Knit Hoodie: Finished knit

 In preparing my 2021 wrap-up post (going up on Wednesday) I realized I never blogged about one of my big knitting finishes of 2021.  I spent many months knitting it so I'm glad to finally get to share it with you.  I finished it shortly before Thanksgiving and it has been a regular part of my winter wardrobe since then.

The pattern is the Hoodie Shawl Cardigan .  I picked it because I wanted a fingering weight cardigan, something not too heavy and easy to get on and off.  I loved the way it was constructed, beginning with a triangular shawl and then picked up with short rows.  The whole thing was pretty easy, though with fingering weight yarn I did feel like it would never end on some days!!  

I'm pleased with the fit- it fits much better than some past sweaters (all error on my part rather than patterns).  The colors are pretty fun too- the purple/yellow/green is a bit unusual and lots of fun.

Alas, while wearing it I got asked by the rental car guy whether I was going to an ugly sweater party, but I guess my taste just isn't for everyone!!


  1. Great hoodie! Such interesting colors and design and it looks so good on you.

  2. This is fabulous, Shannon! I love it. That is such a clever construction, and you didn't awesome job.